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Horned by XxLei-chanxX Horned by XxLei-chanxX
My succubus.
I know, I don't post much, but university + fanzine take a lot of time... I'll try to make up for that !
Desulishor Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2014
And now I want one at home.
Nah, but seriously speaking I really like details on the eyes and the horns too, moreover, her character just plain speaks. You know the kind of characters that just make you want to think up a story behind this and that attribute? 
Plus, your style feels like it's evolving again. It's gone from plain anime to a simplified yet personal mix of comic and manga visuals, but what really impresses me is how clean and powerful the lines are. And this is another step towards more comic-like style, I feel, but it has a nice, edgy feeling to it too, which again fits the character, well subject does define the style, but still.
XxLei-chanxX Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Hahaha. Well, she's mine, go get your own ! Huhu...
Though what you say's interesting, it's cool to get such a comment from you, too, of all people, because you're one person who's really seen my evolution. You've seen it through every path it's taken to take the form it has today, even influenced it in your own way.
Anyway, thank you for the comment and the nice things you said. I'm really glad you like it !
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